Southern Oregon Subaru Dealerships: Don’t Let Cars Go Idle on Lockdown

The novel coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has forced most of the citizens around the globe to stay at home. This means a lot of cars are just sitting idly in garages or on driveways with no way of knowing when they will be driven again.

It’s important to stay at home and listen to health authorities as the world faces this pandemic. During this time, you can focus on things you might have neglected to do, like basic vehicle maintenance. After all, you might be setting yourself up to a larger repair bill if you don’t get your engines running.

Subaru dealerships around Southern Oregon offer some easy ways to help car owners and enthusiasts to deal with car maintenance, especially if the restrictions in your area forbids you to venture out or schedule a service with the professionals.

Don’t let your batteries die.

Batteries can lose their charge if it hasn’t been used in a while. Of course, newer cars with brand new batteries may fare better than older ones, but it does not stop your batteries from being drained, especially if it’s connected to a lot of accessories (like a dash cam or radio). The best thing to do is to disconnect these accessories first, then start your car once a week for 30 minutes to prevent a dead battery. If you can, drive around the block a few times to help recharge the battery a bit faster.

Always check your tires.

Like batteries, car tires tend to self-destruct when it remains unmoving. Deflation and cracking may develop when the car is just sitting idly. If you have a driveway, the best thing to do is to move your car for a few minutes to get your tires rolling into shape. Also, don’t forget to check the tire pressure every week, including the spare tire.

Get the fluids circulating in your car.

According to Subaru dealerships near Klamath Falls OR, driving your car even for short periods of time can ensure that your car’s fluids will remain circulating, which also lubricates its gears and engines. While idling may be good enough for your batteries, driving is the best way to prevent corrosion from taking over your car’s moving parts. This is especially true if you have engaged the parking brake without going for a drive for a few weeks. It will be a total nightmare by the time you finally try to disengage the parking brake.

Keep the interiors and exterior clean.

You are lucky if you have your own garage or a driveway. For some, finding a long-term parking spot can be tough. As much as possible, choose a parking spot on a pavement or gravel instead of permeable surfaces (i.e. grass or dirt), as the moisture can get to your undercarriage causing corrosion.

Clean the car thoroughly every four or five days to prevent bacterial growth on your car. However, it is not recommended that you just spray any fluid directly onto your car’s surface to prevent it from damaging your interior. The best way is to spray the cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting liquid onto a microfiber towel, then use that cloth to wipe the surfaces gently.

Vehicles are expensive and it is only reasonable that you would want to protect your investment against the threats of the lockdown. Check out Klamath Falls Subaru for more helpful tips.

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