The Reason Why Your Vehicle Is Emitting a Loud Roaring Sound in Chicago

Are you noticing that your vehicle is emitting a strange roaring noise? If so, then you are probably concerned about driving it to work to prevent further damaging your car. So, why does your car sound like that?

Odor and Theft

You probably also notice a sulfur or rotten egg odor in addition to the loud rumbling noise. You may be a victim of catalytic converter theft. Catalytic converts contain three highly valuable metals, palladium, platinum, and rhodium. These metals are used to create a chemical reaction that makes pollutants less harmful. Criminals are stealing catalytic converters and selling them at a high price because of the valuable metals contained in them.

What You Should Do Next

The first thing you should do is turn off your vehicle immediately. You cannot drive your car without a catalytic converter. The next step is to contact the authorities to report the incident. Some manufacturers engrave the serial number on the converter but are not considered common practice. Unfortunately, you will need to acquire another catalytic converter after following the previous steps.

Where to Find Quality Used Parts

Perhaps you have found out that acquiring a brand new converter and other necessary parts is extraordinarily expensive. You are now searching for a company that offers quality used car parts in Chicago. Contact Aero Auto Parts. They offer a wide variety of automotive parts for many makes and models. You can trust them to provide you with top-notch parts and services. So, when searching for a reputable supplier of high-quality used car parts in Chicago, they are the ones you should contact. Visit Aero Auto Parts today.

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