Tips For DIY Semi Truck Service

Semi trucks are crucial to the economy, and the companies that rely on semis to transport goods across the country try to keep their vehicles in good condition. A scheduled maintenance plan can help avoid many problems that might cause a breakdown or an accident. However, breakdowns can still happen even with regular maintenance. When a semi truck breaks down on the road, it can save time and money if the driver is prepared to do some simple repairs rather than calling for roadside Semi Truck Service.

Every driver should carry some tools and equipment for minor repairs. Professional truckers typically carry most or all of the following: a flashlight, a tire pressure gauge, a tread depth gauge, a tire iron and tire thumper, a hammer, Allen wrenches in different sizes, a set of socket wrenches, screwdrivers with different bits, vice grips, and wire cutters. Some truckers also recommend carrying an epoxy product for repairing metal. In addition, truckers often carry spare parts or fluids, such as brake fluid, water, anti-freeze, a spare hose, a spare fuel line, and spare bulbs and fuses.

The most common repairs that drivers can usually take care of by themselves include replacing a headlight or taillight, replacing a mud-flap, repairing landing gear, and replacing glad hand seals. There are many repairs that drivers can do on their own if they have the knowledge, skills, and tools, but many repairs will require roadside service. Body damage, for example, will definitely require professional help, as will a problem with the brakes or the transmission. In the case of a breakdown, drivers should make sure to move the rig off the road as far as possible and use reflective triangles or cones to alert other drivers. Call for assistance according to the fleet owner’s guidelines.

Bear in mind, however, that not all trucking companies want their drivers doing truck repairs, while others expect it. Drivers who own their own trucks can get the most benefit from doing their own repairs. However, certain problems require expert Semi Truck Service. For more information about keeping your semi on the road, contact Truck Parts & Equipment Inc.

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