Top Signs That You Need Truck Transmission Repair in York, PA

It is important to have a work truck that is dependable and reliable for work. You truck for long hours, and you want to make sure that your truck is always in the best working condition for your needs. In order to make sure your truck is always working well, you’ll want to make sure to seek regular inspections and repairs.

Some of the most common truck problems that drivers run into are transmission issues. Transmission issues can range from minor to major in nature, depending on the age of the truck, its use, and other factors. In any case, transmission issues should never be ignored. To learn more, here are a few of the top signs that you need truck transmission repair in York, PA.


Transmission slipping occurs when you are driving in a certain gear and your gear changes for no reason. Slipping can sometimes go unnoticed, but it usually indicates a problem that needs attention as soon as possible. Your engine may also make high-pitched sounds that often sound like whining, and you may experience acceleration issues as well.

Rough Shifts

When shifting gears, the transitions should be smooth. If you notice a clunking noise or any roughness during shifts, you will need to have your truck and transmission checked and seek truck transmission repair in order to avoid bigger problems.

Warning Light

When your engine or warning light comes on, you need to have your truck’s transmission checked. While many individuals regularly put off repairs and ignore their warning or engine lights, it is important to take any warning light on your dash seriously and seek immediate truck transmission repair.


Transmissions are sealed, so you will not normally experience any fluid leaks. However, if you do, you will need to get your truck checked. Bright red and dark brown leaks are usually indicative of transmission leaks. Contact Sindall Truck Service to learn more.

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