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A transmission flush involves a process making it possible to eliminate the majority of older transmission fluid out of the transmission of a vehicle. The operation will help in removing residue from other parts including converters, coolers, as well as cooler lines, which are all usually part of the transmission design. Your transmissions service Omaha NE professional can provide this service to help maintain its life.

Automatic Transmission Flush
Although there is some debate on transmission flushing when changing fluids, most people will point out this type of service enhances the life and function of a transmission substantially. When the draining process occurs, a drain plug is removed and the remaining old fluid will accumulate in a pan. Although the process will eliminate a substantial amount of older transmission fluid, it will not clean the system thoroughly. Therefore, some older fluid will remain present. As a result, this older fluid is mixed with newer transmission fluid diluting its effectiveness.

Importance of Flushing
By allowing the transmissions service Omaha NE facility to perform the flushing operation, most of the old fluid will effectively be removed allowing the transmission to become cleaner. This will mean fewer residues contaminating and weakening the new fluid. Having fresh fluid will mean less stress is placed on the system, which in turn will prolong its life considerably. Although there are mechanics that believe transmission flushing might blow out seals, this actually isn’t possible. A flush process doesn’t rely on pressure to remove the residue.

How the Process Works
Cleaning an automatic transmission involves using a pump that gently introduces new fluid in the system. Therefore, instead of using high-pressure which might actually damage the system, simple displacement is utilized for ridding the majority of older fluid. Although it’s possible to purchase a flush machine for home use, in most cases it’s a much better idea to allow a transmissions service Omaha NE specialist to conduct this type of procedure. A qualified transmission mechanic uses professional tools designed to do the job efficiently and effectively.

Reasons to Have Transmission Service Performed
For many people, a vehicle is a major investment that requires regular maintenance and service to perform at its maximum efficiency. When servicing is neglected or even ignored, problems can begin arising. What should have been a simple repair, turns into a major transmission rebuild. Regular service and maintenance will ensure all parts and components are working as they should, and fluids are at appropriate levels. For more updates, visit our website.

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