What are the hottest Lincoln cars in 2020?

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Automotive

What to expect from a car line named after a former president? A presidential level of luxury and elegance, of course! Lincoln has always been home to iconic and limited edition automobiles with elite people behind the steering wheel. Experience a taste of royal treatment as you get yourself one of these Lincoln cars for sale coming your way this 2020!

1. 2020 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

Nothing screams iconic like this limited edition Continental Coach Door reinvented in its 80th-anniversary edition. Its expansive center-opening doors and handcrafted interior will surely gratify the royalty in you. And did I mention you also get to enjoy a Lincoln Black Label membership? You know, just exclusive benefits and privileges and stuff like that. But wait, I’m not done yet. This Continental wheel uses a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine which produces 400 horsepower and 400-pound feet of torque (Source: www.digitaltrends.com). And if you don’t speak engines, let me translate that for you: it carries a royalty-level of power. Well, this car in itself is a shimmering statement in golden letters, “Reserve me now!” Need I say more?

2. 2020 Lincoln Navigator

Forget about that mini heart attack when you can’t feel your car keys in your pocket. This 2020 Navigator wows the techie in you with its ability to lock and unlock doors, open the tailgate, and start the engine all with one click on your smartphone. Convenience doesn’t end there though, this revolutionary model also features wireless phone charging, Co-Pilot360 suite of driver aids, automatic high beams, forward collision warning, and so much more! Plus, an elegant exterior package of your choice including Pristine White, Ceramic Pearl, and Infinite Black–classy finish at its finest. If you’re enthusiastic about taking your tech leaning for fascinating convenience to greater heights, then this 2020 Navigator is definitely for you.

3. 2020 Lincoln Corsair

Don’t be deceived by this smallest utility vehicle in Lincoln’s lineup, because this 2020 Corsair crossover is far from small in terms of luxury. This automobile combines tech features and luxury from other Lincoln models. Nothing much was changed in this model engine-wise compared to its siblings, but its exterior features set it apart. It has an added sound deadening and returned suspension feature, which adds to an elegant driving experience. It boasts a wide rear for bigger storage, customizable profiles to fit your style, a 14-speaker Revel audio system, and an adjustable seat with, wait for it, massage! Now that’s special treatment right there. And like the 2020 Navigator, you won’t need keys anymore because you can use your phone to drive this stunning vehicle. If you’re looking for a downsized car without compromising the luxurious feel, then this 2020 Corsair should be number one on your list!

All these revolutionary and luxurious models, and more are ready for you this 2020! What are you waiting for? Experience royalty for yourself. Contact BaldwinMotorsLincoln.net today!

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