Using 24 Hour Towing Service After An Auto Accident

When someone gets into a fender bender with another vehicle, there are several steps that should be taken immediately afterwards. First, make sure no one had been insured from the accident. If someone feels any pain at all, call 911 to have an ambulance sent to the scene right away. It is a good idea to get checked out if there is doubt whether an injury had occurred or not.

If the accident was minimal and no one was hurt, the next call would be to local law enforcement. Alerting them about the accident is best in case they need to redirect traffic away from the vehicles involved. They will also write up a report about the event in case either party needs it for insurance purposes.

Next the insurance company needs to be called. They will ask questions about the incident and may send an adjuster to the scene to see how much damage there was to the vehicle. Be sure to take photographs to help prove who was at fault and what damage was sustained at the time of the incident. A 24 Hour Towing Service should be called to retrieve the vehicle from the area. They will bring it to the driver’s home, an auto repair shop, or a body shop of the driver’s choice. From there the vehicle will be able to be repaired so it can be put back on the roadway.

Make sure all people in the vehicle remain off the roadway after the incident. If the vehicle is not in the middle of the road, the driver and any passengers can wait inside until the tow truck arrives. The hazard lights should be put on during the day to alert other motorists of the accident. If it is dark, put on the interior light instead.

If someone is in need of a 24 Hour Towing Service, they can call a reputable company in the area. A call to USA Towing & Recovery will allow for a speedy vehicle recovery at a fair cost. A pickup can be scheduled right from the phone if desired. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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