What Auto Parts Should You Buy?

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Automotive

If your car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty and something goes wrong, deciding what parts to use is easy; let the dealer use all new OEM parts. However, sooner or later every car will exhaust the warranty period and the question is put back in your corner; what parts should you buy?

There are really three options; rebuilt, remanufactured and used. There is a considerable price difference between Chicago used auto parts and either rebuilt or remanufactured. It is helpful to know what the differences are before you decide.

Rebuilt auto parts:

In this case, your mechanic will replace only the worn or failed components, leaving the rest as-is. The best example of a rebuild is the engine. A typical automobile engine is made of a myriad of parts and not all of them are subjected to the same amount of wear. Quite often an engine will need bearings, pistons, piston rings and valves while such things as the engine block, the crankshaft, the heads, cam shaft, etc are still in good condition.

Remanufactured auto parts:

Let’s stay with the example of an engine. A remanufactured engine is returned to the same condition as it was when it was new. If necessary the cylinders are bored out and sleeves installed, perhaps the crankshaft bearing surface is ground down and new undersize bearings are installed. Valve seats will be ground and perhaps a new cam shaft will be installed. Once the job is done, the engine meets the same tolerances and is as durable as it once was.

Used auto parts:

There is no doubt that Chicago used auto parts have a role to play in repairing a vehicle. Of course, employing used parts everywhere is not recommended, but when there are no safety considerations then they are quite acceptable. Perhaps it may not be a good idea to use used suspension components because of the wear and tear these parts are subjected to, on the other hand, there is absolutely no reason not to use used body components such as a door or hood.

In the majority of cases your mechanic can point out where used auto parts are the ideal solution as well as when rebuilt or remanufactured parts might be the better approach to take.

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