What’s Involved With Replacing Transfer Cases in Queen Creek

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Repair and Service

If your car has a 4 wheel drive capability, it is important to keep your transfer case in good working order. It is what gives you all wheel drive performance at the touch of a button. Because of the action it conducts, it is prone to a large amount of use and abuse. If you are having issues with Transfer Cases in Queen Creek, it may be time to have yours replaced so you can keep your all wheel drive system operating effectively. The following is what’s involved with the process. Make sure you know what to expect so you can understand the work the mechanic is completing to keep your vehicle operational.

Removal of Drive Shafts

The first step is to remove your drive shafts. The mechanic may choose to leave them connected to your axles. If they suspect there could be an issue with them, they will remove them from your car and thoroughly inspect them before they are re-installed. The drive shafts are directly connected to your transfer case and must be disconnected in order to give the mechanic adequate access to the problem part.

Disconnection of Transmission

The second, and most challenging part, is disconnection of your transfer case from your transmission. Transfer Cases in Queen Creekact as a link between your transmission and your wheels. Because of this, disconnecting them requires a great deal of work and can be extremely time consuming. Though it creates a great deal of expense, it is a necessary step to replacing your transfer case.

Removal of Transfer Case

Once all of the components have been disconnected, the mechanic will then loosen any connecting bolts and drop the transfer case from your vehicle. Once removed, they can inspect the unit to make sure repair isn’t an option. Once it is determined that replacement is required, they will install the new piece and have your vehicle running smoothly.

Don’t wait to deal with issues involving your transfer case. Not taking action right away can lead to more problems and leave your car inoperable. Contact the transfer case experts at Business Name and discuss the repair options available to you. Click here or call them for more information, and to arrange to have an estimate of repair conducted. You have nothing to lose, and only a more reliable vehicle to gain.

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