When it’s Time for Brake Pad Repair in Wamego, KS

by | Feb 10, 2017 | auto repair, Automobile

Nobody likes to think about the possibility of driving a vehicle, going to hit the brakes, and the brakes not working. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon. While there are many reasons why the brake system in a vehicle may not be working correctly, the issue of Brake Pad Repair in Wamego KS may have everything to do with a lack of efficiency in the stopping power of a vehicle.

Over time, the materials that make up a brake pad will wear because of the constant use of the brakes and the friction caused when braking. In these instances, regular replacement of the brake pads will be necessary. How long it will take before the pads wear out will depend on how often the car is driven, the conditions in which the car is driven, and the quality of the brake pads.

For example, semi-metallic or metallic brake pads tend to wear out the fastest. Some cars can go through brake pads in a matter of 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Other times, brake pads may take up to 50,000 to 60,000 miles to wear out. More expensive materials like ceramic pads often last longer.

If a person has purchased a used car or forgot to make a note of when the brake pads were replaced on their existing vehicle, determining when the brake pads need to be replaced isn’t rocket science. Brake pads are equipped with what are called wear indicators. This indicator is a small metal tab that will begin to rub on the brake rotors when the brake pad gets too thin. The squealing that is made when the brake is depressed is the braking system’s way of warning the driver that the brake pads will need to be replaced soon. Ignoring this can destroy brake rotors and can considerably reduce a vehicles braking power.

The good thing is that, with brake pad repair in Wamego KS, the process is quite simple. The old brake pads are removed and new brake pads are put in their place. Because of it being a wear item, there isn’t any way of repairing the existing brake pad. If you need to know more about potential braking issues, or you need to have your brake pads replaced, click here to schedule a repair appointment.

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