Why You Need a Used Acura MDX in Your Driveway, Find a Dealer near Vernon Hills

Whether you can’t afford a new car or don’t want to deal with depreciation and other issues, anyone in Vernon Hills can find an affordable and reliable vehicle that suits their needs. A used Acura MDX is an excellent choice; buying one a few years older saves you money and still gives you some of the newest technology. Plus, you get an excellent crossover SUV for your driveway. However, some people may wonder about the MDX and how it handles, how much room it has, or just why they should buy one.

Agile Handling

While most SUVs are bumbling and slow to start, the MDX is much more athletic, though it shouldn’t be confused with a sports sedan. It can take on the curviest of roads with ease and has a sharp steering response thanks to the Integrated Dynamics System designed for most Acura vehicles. Though it’s designed for performance while on the road, it still gives a comfortable ride.


For most people, the point of an SUV or crossover is to have plenty of room to take a bunch of friends or family members. If you have a large family, you’ll love how roomy this crossover is. With three-row seating and plenty of legroom, everyone can feel comfortable regardless of who calls shotgun.

The rear seats can also fold down, transforming your MDX into a hauling machine.

Fuel Economy

Most SUVs guzzle gasoline like crazy, but the MDX has a nine-speed automatic transmission, so it keeps consumption a little lower. You can expect to get about 27 miles per gallon while on the highway!

A used Acura MDX is an excellent choice for those who have large families or want better fuel economy without requiring a sedan. Visit McGrath Acura of Libertyville near Vernon Hills at https://www.mcgrathacuralibertyville.com to search now.

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